Maximize Performance with these 5 Cheer Training Tips

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Although it does not define us as people, when it comes to cheerleading, performance matters. In order to maximize cheer performance, our cheer training needs to go beyond just burning calories. Correct cheer training should increase balance, agility, and functional range of motion that align to make us more evolved athletes. Great training makes great athletes and here are the five foundations needed to maximize your cheer training…

Cheer athletic training tip #1: Compound Movements

In order to get the most out of your gym workouts focus on compound lifts. Compound exercises work several muscle groups at once and are the most efficient and effective way to build strength quickly. Compound exercises include squats, lunges, deadlifts, power cleans, rows, bench press, and shoulder press.

Cheer athletic training tip #2: Intensity over time

Many people tend to judge the quality of their workout based on how long they spend in the gym. However, it is much more important to work hard than it is to work long. Athletic performance evolves as a result of pushing the body beyond its normal limits and in order to do this, we have to train hard.

Cheer athletic training tip #3: Sleep

After a hard workout, we leave the gym with torn muscles. Getting enough sleep is the number one way to repair and strengthen these muscles. During sleep, growth hormone rises to its maximum level, the metabolic rate slows, muscles repairs, and dead cells are replaced by new ones.

Cheer athletic training tip #4: Nutrition

Our bodies are essentially made up of the foods we eat. In order to maximize the body’s potential, we need to eat food that the body is designed for. The body is structured to digest simple foods much more efficiently than complex ones. Therefore when it comes to food, the less ingredients the better. So the next time you’re shopping, try to focus on foods that contain three or less ingredients. By eating simple foods, you’ll notice your body feeling lighter and more energetic than ever.

Cheer athletic training tip #5: Journaling

Think of a journal as a friend that helps remind you of why you’re training to begin with. Keeping a journal helps us stay focused and motivated toward reaching our training goals. It’s a vital resource that supports and guides us along our athletic journey.


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