Customized Cheer Camps & Training by Award Winning Coaches

Our cheer camps are a better value, higher quality, and customizable to specifically address your team’s skill level, needs and goals. We don’t use a cookie-cutter format or a one size fits all approach that leaves teams struggling once the camp has ended.


Traditional Cheer Camps

Our experts cover your choice of skills. A dance is taught with musical accompaniment. This cheerleading camp style is recommended for novice (middle schools, recreational, noncompeting, and junior varsity) teams. Covering basics, emphasizing technique to build proper foundations.

Training Cheer Camps

Could your team use a skills makeover to get to the next level?  We use a unique cheer camp formula to develop a program based on your needs. Thanks to our unique individualized training methodology, our past clients have seen their team deliver on and exceed performance goals.

Elite Cheer Camps

Skip the game day cheer and move on to a competitive focus skills camps! A minimum of 3 days of intense skill building–with you having your choice of skills worked. This cheer camp is designed for teams wanting to increase competitive standing by learning and mastering elite skills.


We may be crazy about cheerleading, but that doesn’t mean our methods are based on madness. When it comes to cheer choreography, we value the time and effort you’re investing and employ only tried-and-true strategies to maximize your squads skills and competitive score sheet.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. We customize your program to fit your teams needs based on your goals, input and feedback. At the same time, we base all routines on the enduring values of:

Creativity – Originality – Cleanliness – Symmetry – Strength

From the cheer skills training to the music to the routine itself, your complete satisfaction is our ultimate desire. Being more affordable than any other training program is just a bonus.


Master a full competitive cheer choreography routine with music that’ll do more than dazzle. It’ll dominate.


Learn 2:30 long routines with music for up to 36 athletes. This is the no-stress approach to showing off that gym pride with stunning style.


Help your rec program get their competitive edge on with crowd-pleasing cheer choreography routines that are designed to inspire.



2hrs of cheer team training customized to your teams needs. From Stunting, tumbling to jumps and motions.


1-2hrs of teaching, spotting current and new skills of all levels. Also covers jump technique and conditioning.


1-2 hrs of cheer team stunt training.

Your team deserves the best. Your team deserves CheerTD.