our purpose

Our purpose is to bring the best in cheerleading to women and men in Illinois as well as other states and countries. Our staff works to upgrade performance and to improve cheerleaders athleticism. We challenge participants to learn new routines and provide expert choreography and coaching. We offer unique experiences and ensure that life skills, such as teamwork and leadership, are learned at the same time.

We deliver a unique experience to every individual and group that works with our highly qualified staff. We tailor private camps, clinics and routines to every participants needs and readiness. Cheer Tumbling Dynamics support less fortunate youth with camps and clinics designed to spread the joy of accomplished cheerleading.

It’s found in that breath taken before you leap. It’s found in holding the perfect balance of a pose. It’s found in the eyes of you and your teammates before the routine kicks off.

It’s also found in my name. Nadege. I was given a name meaning hope after I miraculously overcame what was supposed to be a fatal childhood illness–so I’ve made it my mission to use my expansive education and award-winning history as an international competitor and coach to help our students overcome what may seem to be impossible challenges.

We fully understand the powerful bond between a coach and their team. It’s a passion. A determination to perform at your absolute peak. At Cheer Tumbling Dynamics, my team of nationally renowned experts and I are here to help you reach that peak every time and then discover the strength, focus, and skill to scale even further.

Cheer Tumbling Dynamics is a full service cheerleading consulting company. We are the ultimate, one stop shop, for all things cheer. We bring our expertise to your space, wherever a cheerleading squad needs excellence.


We value brining the highest-quality cheerleading experience to everyone regardless of skill level or needs. We are dedicated to developing not only great cheerleaders but great people.


Our Mission is to help young people excel in all things cheer. We do this by improving their artistic, athletic and team skills. We offer camps, choreography and clinics tailored to the skill levels and needs of the participants. We help young people become the best they can be and to appreciate their accomplishments. For everyone, we bring an unequalled cheer experience.


Our Vision is to improve both the overall cheerleading experience and develop participants critical life skills such as leadership and teamwork. We will become the go-to cheerleading consulting firm in the Chicagoland area because we deliver only the best, and bring out only the best from our participants.

Cheer camps that take your team to new heights